"There's little in life that could not benefit from a little love, a little time, and a stick of butter."

Stacy Dail Bailes
Hi!  I’m Stacy, the creator of Farmer and the Dail.  This adventure came to fruition in September 2015 following years of baking, decorating, and lovingly sharing treats with my family and friends.  I grew up working in my mom’s restaurant helping her make cakes, getting to know our many customers, and appreciating the love they had for the food she cooked.  I could see from a young age the joy people have when you give them something special that you’ve made, whether it fried chicken or collards, cookies or cupcakes, and how that joy bounces right back to the person who made it.  I always knew I wanted that in my life, and I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to share my love of decorating, my love of creating, and my love of a made from scratch sweet treat with you and see the joy and inspiration it brings to your life.  Baking is therapy.  Feeling dough between your fingers, waiting patiently for butter and sugar to whip into the fluffiest, light-as-air mixture, or delicately squeezing a pastry bag to put the finishing touches on a cookie that's more like a work of art; all of these things calm me down, quiet my mind, and make me appreciate the little things.  This is what I want to share with you.  Let's do this!

Zachary Bailes
A native of Kentucky, I grew up with rolling hills, lush grass, and a community that believed you could build, grow, and accomplish anything. More than that, they believed everyone deserved a fair shot. At Farmer and the Dail, I design and build cookie boxes, photo boxes, signs, and anything else that requires two hands, half a noggin, and some ingenuity. My love for craftsmanship is reflected in my passion for bourbon and smoking meats; it takes time watching and listening, learning and gratitude to build and create. I love what I do because I know that you will enjoy what's created with your family, your friends, and those you hold dear. We're all building a life that we hope others will dare to remember. I hope that what I build for you and yours will be one part of that story. 

The images above were taken by the talented Brittani Schultze Photography.  Give her a call the next time you need a photgrapher, she's a sweet soul!