Back to School Cookie Flash Sale! - Ordering has Closed. I’ll have mini packs + “Good Luck With My Kid” Apple cookies available this Saturday from 8am-12pm!

Cookies will look similar to the pictures above. Please keep in mind that text style and mini cookie treat bags may vary slightly as the pictures above are from last year - however, a description of what will be included is in the mini treat bag listing below. For the extra large cookies - please be sure to include your personalization info. If you do not know your child’s teachers name yet, just mention that instead and be sure to email me by Thursday with the info. If you do not email me, I’ll just write Happy 1st Day of School with no personalization!

Pick up will be Sunday, August 25th from 2pm-3pm. If you aren’t using the cookies the week of the 26th, you can place them in the freezer and pull them out the night before you’d like to send them to school with your child. Please let me know at pick up if you plan to do this and I’ll give you freezing instructions!

Extra Large cookies are BIG - 4-5 inches! Mini cookies are 1.5-2inches.