Christmas Ordering 2017 Can be found at:

Christmas Order Form 2016 - Christmas Ordering Has Closed!  
We are busy baking for pre-orders so we will see the rest of you in 2017!  

Thank you for allowing us to help make your Christmas a little easier and a lot more yummy!  The deadline for Christmas orders is Wednesday, December 21st at 12pm and pick ups can be scheduled for Friday, December 23rd or Saturday, December 24th.  If you have any questions or don't see something on the menu that you'd like to order, please send an email to or call Stacy at 252-714-9225.  If you need to talk to Debra, her number is 252-714-4437.  Merry Christmas!

Slow smoked turkey breast (7-8 pounds) - $55
Oven roasted turkey breast (7-8 pounds) - $45
Oven roasted whole turkey (12-14 pounds) - $45
Half baked ham - $45
Whole baked ham - $90
Ready to bake smoked chicken pot pie - $30

Collards - $7/pint $13/quart
Cabbage - $7/pint $13/quart
Rutabagas - $7/pint $13/quart
Broccoli Casserole - $20/pan
Sweet Potato Casserole - $20/pan
Green Bean Casserole - $25/pan
Maple Bacon Bourbon Corn - $7/pint $13/quart
Dressing - $20/half pan $40/whole pan
Turkey Gravy - $8/quart

Mini buttermilk biscuits - $6/dozen
Sweet potato honey yeast rolls - $10/dozen
Honey butter yeast rolls - $10/dozen

Appetizers & Snacks:
Chicken salad - $7/pint $13/quart
Pimento cheese - $6/half pint $9/pint
Bacon spinach dip - $18/pan
House made saltines - $5/bag
House made ranch - $5/half pint
Sweet potato ham biscuits - $12/dozen
Candied pecans - $4/3 oz. bag
Cheese straws - $10/bag

10 layer chocolate - $35
Carrot - $35
Butter Pecan - $35
Pineapple - $35
Coconut - $35
Red velvet - $35
Black walnut - $35
Brown butter pumpkin salted caramel - $40
Dark chocolate salted caramel - $40
Snickerdoodle crunch - $40
Funfetti with red/green sprinkles - $40

Chocolate cream pie - $30
Peanut butter cream pie - $30
Pumpkin pie - $20
Pecan pie - $25
Brown sugar sweet potato pie - $20
Coconut cream pie - $30
Apple caramel crumble pie - $30
Bluegrass chocolate walnut pie - $25
Ready to bake pie crust in pie pan - $8

More Sweets:
Pumpkin cheesecake - $35
Apple, peach, blueberry jacks - $3/each
Pumpkin roll - $25
Peach cobbler - $25
Christmas candy - $9/dozen  $5/half dozen (butterscotch peanut butter balls, Martha Washington, chocolate PB balls, apple caramel balls, eggnog balls, fudge, coconut squares, etc.)

Frozen biscuit bombs - $16/4-pack
(sausage, bacon, cinnamon)
Frozen sweet potato biscuits - $9/16 mini biscuits
Frozen cinnamon roll biscuits - $16/pan

Decorated Christmas Cookies - more info and photos can be found here!  You can order below or complete a Christmas cookie order form through the link above.
Paint Your Own Santa Cookies, personalized Elf on the Shelf cookies, Mini Treat bags, by the dozen, and more!