Cookie Boxes

Handcrafted 12"x12"x4" cookie box made from different types of reclaimed wood - oak, poplar, pine, and birch.  Each box will have it's own unique look and feel! We use Danish oil to treat the wood and seal it.  Danish oil raises the grain of the wood and dries into the wood, not on the wood like stain.  This provides a water-resistant barrier while also enhancing the wood grain.  We want the wood to shine through - it has beauty all its own.  These boxes are perfect for safely and stylishly carrying cookies, cupcakes, or a pie to your next gathering!   We can make you one or 20 boxes! 

If you are a bakery and want your logo on them, email us and we can help you make that happen!

Personalized Lids: we can customize the lid to reflect your own personality. We can place your initials, business, or other graphic on the lid. $10
Double Sided Lid: we can put two images on your box (one on each side of the lid).  This option provides you the chance to have a versatile box, one side suitable for the holidays and the other for all seasons and occasions! $20

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Customized Lid Examples!