About Our Cookie Classes:
Much like painting pottery or canvas painting parties, our cookie decorating classes quickly teach you the skills you need to create beautiful works of edible art.  Whether you're looking for a fun ladies night out activity or just need some quiet creative therapy, we've got the ingredients and supplies you need to craft unique royal icing sugar cookies to take home and share with your family and friends.  We specialize in holiday and seasonal themed cookie classes and we also offer private parties for church groups, work staff development retreats, baby and bridal showers, and all of your celebratory events.

You'll find our current class offerings below.  We keep our classes small, no more than twenty people, in order to give each guest individual assistance as you practice the new cookie decorating techniques you'll learn in class.  Kids of 8+ are welcome to register for cookie decorating class and I guarantee they'll have a blast - however, since we are working with pastry bags, kids 10+ usually do the best because they have the fine motor skills needed to outline cookies and do some of the more detailed decorations.  If all dates for the class you'd like to attend are full, please send us an email and we will put you on our wait list.  In that same spirit, if you're interested in a specialty themed class that you don't see listed below, give us a shout and we will work with you to create the perfect class for your group.  We want to make every effort to give you the opportunity to love and enjoy cookie decorating as much as we do!  

Class Policy Reminder:
Please be mindful that one registration = one person.  Due to limited seating, we cannot have guests that are not registered to decorate sit in on the class or have multiple guests decorate under one registration.  This includes kids - kids cannot share a seat with an adult, they need to register for their own seat and kids under 13 need to be accompanied by a registered adult! Thank you for understanding!

To find out when new classes are available and to have the opportunity to register before classes are posted on social media, please enter your email at the bottom of this page! 

Cookie Classes Open For Registration Are Listed Below:

Reminders: Class sets will be posted on Facebook the week of the first class. Stacy orders a few new cookie cutters from 3D printed shops each year so she has to wait for those to be released before finalizing the class sets :-) If the class you’re wanting to register for is full, please send me an email at farmerandthedail@gmail.com and I will put you on our wait list. Please note that our system will not allow you to register for more spots than available (so if you want to register for two seats but there’s only one available, it will not let you complete your registration!)

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