Custom Cakes Order Request
Custom cakes usually require at least 7 days notice, however, for custom orders, sooner is better than later as we do book up sometimes!  If you need a cake on short notice, still complete the form and we will let you know if we are available.  Please note that all of our cakes are 100% buttercream.  We do not work with fondant because we do not like the way it tastes!  Buttercream will not look as "perfect" as fondant, but we promise it will taste good and look good too!  Please note that this is an order request form and submitting this form does not confirm your order - we will email you back with a price quote and will wait for your response in order to confirm your order and get your cake on our calendar.

Please note I am currently booked for decorated cakes from May-July 2019. My mom, Debra, also works out of our same kitchen, and makes buttercream decorated cakes. If you’d like to talk to her about a decorated cake, her number is 252-714-4437 and her email is We are still taking orders or regular layered cakes, cupcakes, etc. - just not decorated!

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If ordering cupcakes, let us know below how many you'd like (minimum order of 1 dozen per flavor)
Our hours are Tuesday-Friday 6:30am-10:30am and Saturday from 8:00am-12:00pm. We prefer pick-ups to be scheduled during this timeframe but if you need to pick up at a different time, please let us know and we will work it out with you!
We also make custom royal icing sugar cookies. Would you like to order matching cookies to go with your cake? These are great for wedding and birthday party favors!