We will be open regular hours leading up to Easter.  Come see us on Good Friday for breakfast (3/30) and on Saturday, 3/31 (8am-12pm) for a HUGE selection of sweet treats and frozen biscuit bombs to take home and enjoy Easter morning!

Easter Cookie Ordering 2018 (and more)!

Pre Ordering is Closed! 

Option 1: Easter Cookies by the Dozen - $36
A perfect Easter gift!  Our royal icing sugar cookies decorated in a pretty pastel color palette - includes 2 bunnies, 2 chicks, 2 sheep, 2 carrots, 2 Easter eggs, 1 Easter basket, and 1 personalized plaque OR "Happy Easter" plaque. 
*Please note on your order form if you'd like the plaque personalized.  One name per plaque.  Additional personalized plaque cookies are $3/each.  
Cookies come in heat sealed plastic bags.  If you'd like your cookies in individual clear bags tied with matching ribbons (some folks choose this if giving them as gifts or favors), please also select that option on the order form.  This option is an additional $5/dozen.

Option 2: Paint Your Own Easter Bunny Cookie Box - $5
Our most popular option every holiday!  This is a fun gift to help the Easter bunny out with your kiddos Easter basket!  A bunny stencil cookie and a paint palette cookie come in a kraft paper window box with a paint brush.  Your child can wet the paint brush, pick a color and paint the bunny.  After all the fun is had, they can eat both the paint palette and the bunny cookie.

Option 3: Personalized Easter Egg Cookie Treat Bags - $5
A large royal icing Easter egg sugar cookie personalized with a name of your choice!  Placed in an individual bag and tied with matching ribbon.  Perfect for the kiddos, your child's teachers, or just someone special who deserves a sweet treat!  Please indicate the name you'd like written on your Easter egg cookie on the order form below.

Option 4: Bunny Food - $5
Funfetti cake is one of our most popular cakes because of those little bits of homemade crunchy funfetti cookie crumbs that we put between each layer.  We're packaging up those sugary sprinkle cookie crumbs and calling them bunny food for Easter!  Packaged in a clear treat bag tied with ribbon with a "Bunny Food" tag.

Option 5: Easter Pastel Funfetti Cake - $45
I know funfetti cake may seem like a strange addition to your Easter dinner, but we get so many orders for them that I thought I'd go ahead and put it on the order form!  Our homemade funfetti cake layers filled with vanilla buttercream and funfetti cookie crumbs and swirled with pastel Easter colored vanilla buttercream and topped with lots more sprinkles and funfetti crumbs.  Trust us, you'll love it and so will your Easter guests!  - $45

Option 6: Frozen Biscuit Bombs - $12-$16
Wake up Easter morning to an easy breakfast!  Our biscuit bombs are available in packs of four.  Choose from sausage, bacon, cheese, or cinnamon (the sausage and bacon also have cheese!).  Please note we do not mix 4-packs - they all look the same so you wouldn't know which is which! 
Sausage, Bacon, Cinnamon - $16/4-pack
Cheese - $12/4-pack

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