We are hiring!

We are looking for an enthusiastic, bubbly, motivated, and positive person with a “can do!” attitude to work part-time at our bakery.

Job Requirements:
- Must be available on Tuesday and Friday mornings beginning at 7am.  End time depends on how much baking we have to do - could be 11am, 1pm, or during super busy days, a little later.  Must also be available most Saturday's from 7am-12:30pm.  Someone with a flexible schedule is best for this position.  Priority will go to those that have a flexible schedule and are also willing to take on more hours during our busy holiday season (November and December).  Estimated hours 20 hours per week (more during the holiday season)
- From scratch baking experience in some capacity required
- Ability to lift 50 pounds
- Positive attitude even when the kitchen is extra hot, crowded, and there's a million things to do :-)
- If you have experience folding southern style cheese biscuits (where the dough is flattened out and cheese is stuffed in it and folded back up) - please mention that in your application - we are very particular about how biscuits are folded and are looking for someone that can do it just right!

Job Duties:
Folding/stuffing biscuit bombs (this would be on Tuesday's)
- Cooking fruit for jacks (these are huge pots of fruit so the ability to lift 50 pounds is necessary)
- Folding jacks (sheeting dough + rolling up jacks)
- Running the oven (this would be on Friday's) - baking cookies, cakes, pastries, etc. - this is where your baking experience comes in handy - we can tell you how long each item bakes but we need you to use your common sense and judgement because sometimes things take a little less time or a little more time!
- Making frostings (buttercream, glazes, cooked icings) 
- Simple frosting tasks - icing cupcakes, cookies - bonus points if you can ice a cake near perfect (if you can, tell us in your application)
- Front of the house job duties on Saturday include greeting customers, telling them about our baked goods, taking orders, checking them out on the register, and filling orders
- General cleaning duties (sweeping, wiping off counters, organization)

Hourly pay rate starts at $8-$10/hour (based on experience) and will increase to $12/hour after 12 weeks.  The first four weeks of this position is a probationary period to make sure you are a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you.  The job duties that this position has are very specific to our bakery - there's only one way to do them (our way!) and we are very particular in making sure that they are done the way our customers are used to.   

We need someone who is quick on their feet!  Working in a bakery is HARD WORK!  We stand a lot, we run around like crazy people, we bake more in one day than most people think is possible, and we do it all with a smile while being extra nice to our amazing customers.  You must be energetic, knowledgable, efficient, and happy to be here because having a good relationship with our customers is our number one priority.

Please do not call us about this position (we have our hands in dough most of the time and are busy baking bees)!  All applications will be reviewed online and we will reach out to applicants to set up interview.  Interviews will take place the week of August 13th (most likely on Wednesday or Thursday of that week)

You are welcome to send your resume and any questions you may have to farmerandthedail@gmail.com.  We appreciate your interest in working with us!