We are hiring! - Weekday & Weekend Hours

We are looking for an enthusiastic, bubbly, motivated, and positive person with a “can do!” attitude to work in a weekday and weekend customer service position at the bakery.

Job Requirements:
- Must be available to work on Wednesday and Friday from 6:00am-12:00pm (end time may vary - depends on what we have to do at the bakery that day) and Saturday from 7:00am to 12:30pm. There is a possibility for more hours, especially during busier times.
- Positive attitude even when the bakery is busy or you encounter a difficult customer
- Customer service experience required
- You MUST be a people person - ability to speak genuinely to customers, offer service with a smile, and demonstrate southern hospitality is a requirement that we do not compromise on!
- Ability to multi-task and to work quickly and efficiently
- Ability to lift 50 pounds - this is a requirement as you’ll be asked to bring in bags of flour
- Common sense is super important to us too ;-)

Job Duties:
This position will be a customer service job - working out front in the bakery. Duties include greeting customers, telling them about our baked goods, taking orders, checking them out on the register, and filling orders.
- Other jobs will include weighing jack dough, cutting bacon, cutting cookies, etc.
- General cleaning duties (sweeping, mopping, wiping off counters, organization)
- Taking inventory and organizing stock
- We are not as busy during the week as we are on Saturday so a lot of times during the week you’ll be taking orders, ringing people up, and filling the order all by yourself. We have employees working in the kitchen that will help during busy times but for most of the weekday you’ll be working independently. This means we need a person that can work independently, work efficiently, and multitask.

Hourly pay rate starts at $8-$10/hour (based on experience).  The first 8 weeks of this position is a probationary period to make sure you are a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you. 

We need someone who is quick on their feet!  Working in a bakery is HARD WORK!  We stand a lot, we run around like crazy people, we bake more in one day than most people think is possible, and we do it all with a smile while being extra nice to our amazing customers.  You must be energetic, knowledgable, efficient, and happy to be here because having a good relationship with our customers is our number one priority.

All applications will be reviewed online and we will reach out to applicants to set up an interview.  Interviews will take place next week and the week after. We are very particular about this position so we will leave it open until we find the perfect person for this position :-)

You are welcome to send your resume and any questions you may have to farmerandthedail@gmail.com.  We appreciate your interest in working with us!

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