Spring Market 2018 - Pre Order Form - PRE-ORDERING CLOSED
Saturday, May 12th 8am-12pm
771 Middle School Road - Snow Hill, NC 28580

A couple of things you need to know!
1. The Spring Market is on Saturday, May 12th from 8am-2pm.  All pre-ordered items must be picked up during this time!
2. Pre-ordering is only available for the two options below.  Due to the amount of customers we have that day, we cannot accept pre-orders for individual or additional items.  
3. No substitutions - we've put together these options based on our most loved treats so trust us!  
4. You do not have to pre-order to get food at the market - we will have our usual inside set up with a full menu (more options!) and you can order as you please!  This line will probably be a little longer, so just be mentally prepared!
5. Pre-orders can be picked up outside under the carport (you'll see a sign/tables).  The full menu will not be available in this line, however, biscuit bombs and grit bowls will be available in this line for you and your family to order and enjoy while at the market (this will help the line move faster and help us get you your order quicker). 
6. You may also pick up your pre-order inside if you're ordering additional items from the full menu that day.  This will probably be a longer line than the outside line, but we promise it's worth the wait!
6. Payment is due at the time you order - you'll check out here on this page through our website and secure checkout system (Stripe).  If you wish to cancel your order, please do so by Saturday, May 5th by emailing farmerandthedail@gmail.com.  We are prepping and baking for the market all week leading up to the 12th so any cancellations after the 5th cannot be refunded.  If for some reason you can't pick up your box, send a friend or family member to get it (or post the free box on facebook and you'll be the most loved friend that day!).