We’ve gotten through everyone on the wait list!
Instead of keeping the wait list active, we will post on Facebook after we make each batch of pies and you can comment to claim for next day pick up. Thanks for your love of our chicken pot pies!

Small - $14 - serves 2-3
Large - $30 - serves 6

How does this work? Enter your name, email, and quantity of chicken pot pies you’d like in the form below. This will add you to our chicken pot pie wait list. We will go down the list as we have chicken pot pies available and email you when your pot pie(s) are ready.
Why is there a wait list? We make our chicken pot pies from scratch and the process takes several days so we can only make so many in a week. We also have limited storage space, so once we fill up the freezer, that’s all we can make until folks pick up and we start a new batch.
What’s so special about your pot pies? Our pies are made with all butter, all white meat chicken, local dairy, and all real food ingredients. There are no preservatives, fillers, or any of that yucky stuff you’ll find in pot pies from a big box store. Our chicken pot pies have a double crust (made from scratch, of course!) that’s hand folded and topped with a seasonal pie crust shape. Don’t worry, you’ll taste the difference!
How much are they and how many do they serve? Large pot pies are $30 and serve 6, small pot pies are $14 and serve 2-3.
Is it cooked already? No, we freeze the pot pies unbaked and will wrap and box for you to take home and bake immediately or store in your freezer until you’re ready to bake. Your pot pie will come with directions on how to bake at home.
Can I pre-order chicken pot pies for Thanksgiving/Christmas? Yes, you can - but not right now! We will open up Thanksgiving ordering the first week of November and Christmas ordering the first week of December.