Farmer and the Dail is all about cookies and treats but the farmer that’s in our name is there for a reason.  Our business is located on a farm that inspires our work. We care about community, family, and learning how to build and create with our hands.

Here you’ll find our provisions from the farm.  We foster old pieces of wood into something useful, beautiful, and handmade.  We take new wood, and craft it into something that will bring back an old memory while making new ones.  We care about our craft, whether that's carefully decorated cookies or the handmade box you share them in.  Each piece has its own character.  Each work is crafted with love because we hope that's what it will inspire in your family, among your friends, and throughout your life.  With each piece with give you our gratitude for allowing us to share in your life and family.

We currently sell handmade cookie boxes, photo boxes, pallet signs, and work on special projects for our customers.  Listings of our provisions are below!  Check it out and if you'd like to place an order, give us a call or fill out an order form.