Valentine's Day 2018 - Treat & Cookie Options!

Ultimate Valentines Treat Box: $25

Woo your Valentine with this box of goodies!  This box filled with our most popular treats that we are putting our Valentines twist on will score you lots of sweet tooth points :-)  Perfect for your Valentine or just someone special that needs a sweet treat! 
Box contains: 1 frosted strawberry sugar cookie, 1 valentines sprinkle sugar cookie, 1 chocolate chip cookie bar with pink icing, 1 chocolate sprinkle brownie sandwich, 1 strawberry cheesecake candy ball, 1 piece of chewbread, and 1 cup of Valentines cookie dough (cake batter dough, sprinkles, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips) all packaged in a pink window box!

Paint Your Own Cookie Box - $5

Choose between two designs (indicate on order form below) - a cupid unicorn or a love bug
Set comes with one stenciled cookie with a cookie paint palette in a kraft paper window box with paint brush.  Wet the paint brush, choose a color from the cookie paint palette and paint your stenciled cookie.  Once you're done, admire your art work and eat up!  Paint palette and painted cookie are edible :-)

Decorated Valentines Sugar Cookies: $36/dozen

Hearts, arrows, love letters, and more.  This set makes the perfect (and beautiful!) addition for your Valentine's parties and a sweet treat to share with family and friends (and coworkers and classmates!).
If you're getting these for your kids class celebration and would rather have all of one design, we can do that too! 

Cookies are baked fresh for each order and packed safely in a bakery box to serve.  Cookies can be placed in individual treats bags and tied with a matching ribbon for an additional $3/dozen!

Valentines Treat Bags: $5

Small heart shaped cookies with a variety of decorations packaged in a long clear treat bag and tied with matching ribbon.  The perfect gift for teachers!

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