Now Hiring: Seasonal Cookie Decorator

This position is for a seasonal cookie decorator. Outlining cookies, flooding cookies, and some cookie prep (cutting cookies, baking cookies, making and coloring royal icing, packaging cookies to sell). Also potential to help with cookie classes on Saturday afternoons.
Job Requirements:
- Must be available to work late afternoons/early evenings (I can be flexible with hours as long as you can too!). Availability during holiday cookie class times (Saturday’s from 1-7pm) is a plus.
- Must have taken a Farmer and the Dail cookie class or have experience decorating with royal icing. This isn’t a teaching position - you must already know how to outline and flood a cookie and do it well! Your interview will be decorating a cookie!
- Ability to work fast with little distraction - cookies take a lot of time to make so we need someone who knows how to work fast and efficiently while still maintaining quality and will not be distracted by those working around them. Cookie decorating is lots of fun, but when you’re making hundreds of cookies, it may get a little less fun (and filled with hand cramps) - so be mindful of this!
- Ability to start soon (next week for Back to School Cookies) and availability the weeks/days before Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, etc.

Hourly pay rate: $10/hour

Please note that we require all employees to sign a Non-Compete/Confidentiality Agreement before starting work at our bakery. This means that if you have a baking/decorating business on the side or hope to open a decorating business or bakery in the near future, this job is not a good fit for you!

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